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As many of you who've been LJ friends with me may know, Roy Harper is one of my favorite DC characters.  The think the remarkable story of this man, his overcoming abandonment, drug use, striving to be the best single father he can be, serves as an excellent role model and literary figure.  He's flawed, complex, inspiring, snarky, fun-loving, a thrill-seeker, a good friend, and a unique character in the DC line-up.  (Though I'm not so into the re-boot version.  It just isn't my Roy).

So with all that being said, "Arrow" has cast someone in the reoccuring role of "Roy Harper" .  Now I don't watch "Teen Wolf" (though I hear good things and a few of you have suggested that I do!), so I'm not familiar with this Colton Haynes.  At first glance, his smirk gives me hope that he'll at least capture Roy's snarky attitude.  And maybe they'll dye his hair red (or at least give him strawberry highlights?  C'mon, Roy is a ginger!), and give him a drug use problem to overcome (although they started down that road a bit with Thea, Ollie's sister--who seems to be a mash up of the two comics canon "Speedy's": Roy and Mia).  It doesn't sound like he was partly raised on a Navajo reservation, but he's coming from the school of hard-knocks based on the information provided.

I'm not expecting them to do everything exactly the way it was in the comics.  I've understood them playing a bit fast and loose with the Arrow-family canon already.  Overall, it's been mostly positive...though there are a few things that continue to bug me.  But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they won't mess up my beloved Roy.  Because honestly, that might stop me from watching (I love John Barrowman, and I'm liking a lot of this series, but that really would be a killing blow for me).  I dropped "Red Hood and the Outsiders" because of his portrayal, even though he was a key character.  I just can't stomach him not being him.


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