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(So in an attempt to update my journal a bit, I realized I never posted the remaining chapters of what I had completed on this story.  Please note, this story is unfinished and remains on hiatus as of 7/31/12.  However, I wanted to at least share everything that I had done so far.  Who knows, maybe one day I will complete it.  I do still love the story premise.)

Title:  Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter Two: Hopelessly Devoted to You
Author: Lar
Rating: R
Word Count: about 2300
Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Just borrowing these character for my own (albeit sick and twisted) enjoyment.  Please don’t sue.
Fandom: DCAU
Characters: Wally West, rest of the JLU
Summary: Wally learns first had the truth to the old adage “be careful what you wish for…”

Disclaimer: I do not own nor have any affiliation with DC comics or WB. I am merely “borrowing” their property for a little mind exercise. And to have fun with the characters. :o)

Author’s Note: For continuity purposes, this takes place before “Destroyer”. I’m sticking mostly with the animated universe, though if some elements of the comics are thrown in, blame it on Wikipedia and all the fun fanfics that have better acquainted me with the comic-verse. This story has not been beta’d, and any mistakes are mine.   Thanks for reading!!!

Author’s Note, Part II: I forgot to mention last chapter, but I’m completely disregarding Supergirl going to the future in Far From Home. I couldn’t leave her out of the fun!


Chapter Two: Hopelessly Devoted to You

Wally awoke the next morning a bit startled to find himself still in his suit. Even when exhausted, he typically took the extra .25 seconds to undress and prep for bed. But the events of yesterday evening must have weighed so heavily on his mind that he simply neglected to follow through on his usual routine.

Stretching and groaning loudly, he worked to un-kink the muscles in his back and neck. ‘Must’ve slept hard,’ he thought to himself as he slowly moved his legs to the edge of the bed and stood. Walking to the mirror, he grinned sheepishly at his disheveled appearance. His red hair was sticking out in multiple directions. Imprinted lines stretched across his face, probably from his pillows and blankets. A steady growth of hair appeared on his chin.

Mimicking a scene from one of his favorite movies, The Mask, he raised his leg and dashed to his side, whirling into the bathroom. In a matter of seconds, he was showered, shaved, and wearing a new suit. He carefully pulled his cowl on, positioning it just right so that when he took it off later, his hair wouldn’t look crazy. He’d learned from experience the frightening results of a badly positioned cowl.

He began to whistle a tune he’d heard on the radio before as he prepared to venture out into the Watchtower and find some food. Opening the door, he stepped outside and stopped dead in his tracks as he looked to his left. He had almost forgotten about the events of the previous day.

There, leaning casually against the wall with one foot propped up to draw attention to the shapely leg, stood Fire. She smiled sweetly at him, and revealed what had been hidden in her left hand. An iced mocha.

“Bom dia, Wally. I trust that you have slept well. I brought you this drink. I’ve heard it was your favorite,” she stated, handing him the iced mocha. Wally stood dumb-founded. After a brief infatuation with her, where he could almost swear she might have returned the feelings, Wally and Beatriz had made the unspoken decision to be ‘just friends’. But the twinkle in her eye, the smile on her lips, the suggestiveness of her posture made Wally think that perhaps she had changed her mind.

“Um, thanks.” Wally finally recovered enough to mutter a response. He smiled politely, watching as her eyes stared up at him in unabashed admiration.

“So I was wondering if later on you wouldn’t want to do something together? My agent can get great tickets to any sporting event.” She pushed herself off the wall and began to sashay over to him, her hips moving suggestively. Standing directly in front of him, she stared into his face and batted her eyes repeatedly. “It would be a really great time. We could explore the city. Get to know each other better…” Her words trailed off as her hand began to lightly trace his bicep through his suit.

Wally gulped, once again caught off guard by this very forward and public display by a female. Nervously raising one hand, he caught hers and pulled it away, smiling faintly at her while trying to decipher just what had gotten into her.

“Um, yeah…let me get back to you about that.” With another quick smile, he took off, racing down the corridor and nearly running over Superman.

“Hey Wally, where’s the fire?” Superman cheerfully asked, his “aww-shucks” grin ever present.

“Oh God, you’ve noticed it too? I swear I didn’t do a thing. I just opened my door, and she was there. Smiling all sweetly at me.” Wally had begun to ramble at super speed, coming off as almost a high-pitched whine to any of those passing. Luckily, Superman was able to decipher what was being said, even if he didn’t comprehend the meaning behind said words.

“Slow down there, Flash. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Superman finally stated, placing a calming hand on Wally’s shoulder. Wally looked up at the Man of Steel with bewilderment in his eye.

“You asked about Fire. She was outside my room. And then there was Shayera attacking me last night, and Black Canary kissing me and almost getting killed by Green Arrow, and I didn’t mean to kiss his girl, she’s the one who started it!” Wally’s tone was once again becoming desperate as he recounted the strange events of the last twelve hours.

“Look, I think you might’ve had one too many hamburgers or mochas. Because what you’re saying makes no sense. Maybe you should talk to J’onn or something,” Superman said.

“Yeah, you might be right. I’ll—”

A blaring alarm and the call by J’onn for all available members to report to the Javelin bay interrupted their discussion. With a shrug, Flash and Superman each took off toward the required destination, encountering multiple League members along the way.

As they began separating out to the different airplanes, Wally tried not to notice the way Stargirl stared. Or the positively desirous look in Zatanna’s eyes. Or how Ice and Gypsy were fighting over who got to sit closest to him in the Javelin. No, this was all just embellishments of his overactive imagination. He’d have to lay off the late night snacks and mochas…like Clark had suggested.

The Javelins flew towards Chicago, where multiple members of the Legion of Doom were attacking the cities. Toyman’s giant robot was wreaking havoc in Millennium Park, while Shade and other various thieves were holding up various stores and businesses on Michigan Avenue. Killer Frost seemed bent on freezing up the bay around Navy Pier, as well as freezing the pier itself. Atop the Hancock building, though no one quite knew how he’d gotten there, sat Joker with some sort of device. A few henchmen and his ever faithful Harley Quinn stood ready to defend him as he tampered with the machine.

Landing near Millennium Park, the Leaguers were quickly split up into handling the various situations. Superman, Zatanna, Stargirl, and Green Lantern quickly flew towards Toyman’s robot, while Black Canary, Ice, and Fire went after Killer Frost. Batman and Wonder Woman departed to take on the Joker, leaving Flash, Gypsy, and Green Arrow to take on Shade and his henchmen.

“You know, Shade, you’re not very smart. Robbing in broad daylight? When you know the Justice League has an active force?” Flash taunted, running around the villain and taking a punch at him. Gypsy stood nearby, reaching out from her illusionary station to grab Shade as he flew towards her. Green Arrow was making quick work of Shade’s henchmen, using a variety of trick arrows to neutralize them.

As Shade struggled to get out of Gypsy’s hold, Flash zoomed by and took his “nightstick” from his grasp. Cursing loudly, Shade utilized an adrenaline rush and broke Gypsy’s grasp. But before he could attack, he found himself tied up by one of Green Arrow’s bola arrows.

“That’s how we make quick work of a menace,” Green Arrow commented, as Flash came to a stop next to him with the henchmen also tied up.

“I want my lawyer! I want my rights! I want out of here!” Shade furiously protested!

“You’ll get nothing and like it!” Flash replied, earning an annoyed look from Green Arrow and one of adoration from Gypsy. “What? Don’t you like Caddyshack?” Flash asked Green Arrow, ignoring Gypsy’s stare for the moment.

“Doesn’t mean you have to quote it, kid.”

“I think it’s cute!” Gypsy added in, smiling brightly and batting her eyes at Flash. Once again, Wally reminded himself that he was only exaggerating what he was seeing. That there was nothing going on.

“Uh, thanks. We should go help the others, though.” Flash began to move away from Gypsy, who had stealthily attempted to move closer to him. A large crash behind him alerted them to the battle with the robot. The top floor of a building had been hit, and people were in danger below from falling debris. Without hesitation, Flash and Gypsy began to move towards the fight while Green Arrow secured the villains.

Meanwhile, Batman and Wonder Woman had begun engaging the Joker and his followers in battle. The machine he had been tinkering with atop the Hancock building turned out to be quite a deadly plasma ray that he intended to strike various buildings with until the city paid his ransom. As Wonder Woman worked on taking out Larry, Curly, and Moe, Batman found himself tangling with Harley Quinn and her array of weapons.

Harley had gained the upper hand, somehow, and was choking Batman when she suddenly stopped. “Oh my God! It’s Flash! Flashy! Yoo-hoo! Flashy!!!” She quickly abandoned her hold on the Dark Knight and began running towards the door.

“Harley!!! Where are you going! You’re supposed to kill him!” Joker yelled, exasperated that his associate and lover had taken off so suddenly. “You just can’t find good help these days!”

“Give it up, Joker. You know you’re beaten,” Batman stated, facing the Joker now while Wonder Woman stood in the background. Larry, Curly, and Moe were slumped over each other on the ground, clearly unconscious.

“That what you think! But you know me; I’ve always got an ace up my sleeve! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” As he laughed maniacally, he threw out an exploding card towards Batman, causing the Dark Knight to fall off the side of the building. Wonder Woman quickly dove after him, catching him by the arm nearly a third of the way down the building. Tossing him a “you-should-be-grateful-I-caught-you” smile, she began to fly them up towards the top and Joker. But the sight of the plasma gun aimed directly towards the town below caught her eye. As she peered down, she spotted a crazed Harley running towards an unawares Flash, whom the plasma ray seemed to have in the crosshairs.

Without warning or hesitation, Wonder Woman let go of Batman and began to fly directly towards Flash. Seconds before the gun fired, she pushed him out of the way and used her bracelets to deflect the plasma. Luckily, Batman, who was caught completely off-guard by Wonder Woman’s sudden departure, was able to grab his grapple gun and shoot out a line. Swinging up to the roof again, he landed in a crouch and in three quick moves took out the Joker.

In the conflict below, the Flash was still in awe that Wonder Woman had so quickly pushed him out of harms way. Looking at her with gratitude in his eyes, he nearly choked as she winked at him and flashed him a bright grin.

“You can make it up to me later…over dinner, perhaps?” she shouted over the noise. Flash gulped, and began backing away until he was attacked from behind by Harley Quinn, who had unexpectedly attached herself to his right leg. Just as suddenly, he found her turned to a block of ice attached to his leg, as Ice neared him. A smug smiled on her face, she separated the iced Harley from him. Fire was close behind, with Black Canary pulling an unconscious Killer Frost behind her. All three heroines looked dreamily at Flash, and tried to make their best assets of their bodies known.

Flash was brought back from his intense stare with the sound of a crash behind. Turning, he saw the robot that Superman, Stargirl, and Green Lantern had been fighting lying on the ground. Toyman stood nearby, upset at his defeat and trapped by an annoyed Green Arrow. Without waiting for a word of congratulations, praise, or critique, Stargirl left her senior partners to make her way towards Flash. The young woman, ignoring the competition that the others presented, pushed her way past Wonder Woman and Zatanna to stand right next to Flash.

“I think you’re just the bravest of them all. You are so smart and witty, I wish I had a guy like you…” she let her suggestion hang in the air as she grabbed his arm and laced her arm through it.

“Back off, Barbie! He wants someone a little older and more experienced, I’m sure.” Black Canary snapped, walking closer and grabbing his other arm. An argument quickly erupted between the various female members as they all began to crowd around Flash.

“You know, I think we might have a problem,” Superman commented as Batman landed next to him, unceremoniously dropping Joker at his feet.

“You think?” Batman dryly remarked. Superman turned to address him, but could not suppress his surprise as he spotted Lois Lane leading the press to them. Or, more specifically, towards Flash.

“Yeah. I think.”


Thanks for reading! Story Title comes from the Queen song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Chapter title is from the Grease song “Hopelessly Devoted to You”. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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