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(So in an attempt to update my journal a bit, I realized I never posted the remaining chapters of what I had completed on this story.  Please note, this story is unfinished and remains on hiatus as of 7/31/12.  However, I wanted to at least share everything that I had done so far.  Who knows, maybe one day I will complete it.  I do still love the story premise.)

Title:  Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter Two: Lay All Your Love on Me
Author: Lar
Rating: R
Word Count: about 2350
Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Just borrowing these character for my own (albeit sick and twisted) enjoyment.  Please don’t sue.
Fandom: DCAU
Characters: Wally West, rest of the JLU
Summary: Wally learns first had the truth to the old adage “be careful what you wish for…”

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Chapter Three: Lay All Your Love on Me

He would’ve found the flight back to the Watchtower hysterical…if it was anybody else but himself acting as the main character in this melodrama.  The women had all fought to ride in the Javelin he was in and, for some reason, Batman and Superman permitted them.  Except for Black Canary, that is.  Green Arrow had grabbed her right before the door shut and carted her off towards another Javelin like a sack of potatoes.  Flash figured that her shrieks could be heard for miles around.

A battle erupted within the Javelin when Fire, Ice, Gypsy, Stargirl, Zatanna, and Wonder Woman all debated over who would fly the Javelin.  It seemed that no one wanted to volunteer to do such, as they would not be able to then pay attention to Flash (or prevent the other ladies from doing so).  Finally, in an attempt to diffuse what was becoming a heated argument, Flash volunteered himself to fly, also praying that this would put an end to the super-heroines lavishing their attentions on him.  Surely they’d understand the importance of concentration when flying a multi-million dollar piece of equipment.

That thought flew out the window as soon as they took off.  As they left the Chicago airspace, Flash found himself with a lap full of Fire, who was switching back and forth between smoldering temptress and angelic girl.  Just as he was about to request help from one of the other ladies, Wonder Woman pulled Fire away and flung her, unceremoniously, towards the back of the Javelin.  A grunt of pain could be heard from the back, presumably from where Fire had landed.

Diana sat in the co-pilot’s seat, pushing her hair back behind her ear and looking coyly at Flash.

“So, Flash, how come we never spend time together anymore?” she asked, smiling brightly and sitting up straighter.  His eyes couldn’t help but notice her ample bust, which was being exhibited with as much allure as Diana could manage.  Gulping, Flash pulled his eyes away and reminded himself that this was an Amazonian princess.  And that he should not gawk at an Amazonian princess.  Even when she’s practically shoving it in his face.

“Wh-what?”  Wally finally managed, forcing himself to look out over the sky above as they began to break from the earth’s atmosphere.

“You know, there’s this great little bistro in New York.  I’m not on duty tonight, and if you’re not, maybe we can catch some dinner.  Perhaps see a play?  You owe me, after all.”

His mind flashed back to the wink after she had pushed him out of the way of Joker’s plasma blast.  That wink that had him bewildered and completely caught off guard.  Diana—no, Wonder Woman, was hitting on him.  Maybe he could understand the other girls (except for Shayera—he would never understand that), but Wonder Woman?

She was looking at him expectantly.  Almost daring him to turn her down.  How could he?  She was as strong as Superman.  She could crush him like a bug, if she could catch him.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many places he could run to in a Javelin flying through space and towards a Watchtower in orbit.

“Um, sure, that’d be nice.  But this week’s not good for me, so maybe next week?”  Lying to the Champion of Truth was not a wise idea, but Wally found himself having no other choice.  He couldn’t say no to Diana, but how could he say yes?  It was a pretty well known fact that there was something, as scary and weird as it may be, going on between Batman and the Princess.  And as much as he didn’t want to piss of the Princess, the Bat scared him just as much.

But apparently Diana was satisfied with the answer, for she smiled brightly at him and stood.  Leaning over to give him a quick peck on the cheek and sashaying towards the back of the Javelin.  Surely to gloat to the other women.  Breathing a sigh of relief at the departure of the Amazon princess, Wally was quite surprised when a new figure occupied the recently vacated seat.  Stargirl sat there, looking for a second almost normal.  Then she turned to him, and he could see the wanton lust in her eyes.

“Listen, I know you had to say yes to the Princess over there.  But if you ever want to have some real fun, with someone a little closer to your age, let me know.  Those old ladies back there don’t know what dating in this day in age means.  Or, if you want to just skip dating, and set up a, um, friends-with-benefits sorta deal I’d be cool with that too.”

Flash’s jaw dropped at the offer, his mind reeling from the fact that Stargirl had been so forward and brazen.  But then, no one was truly acting as themselves, were they?

J’onn’s voice as he began to give Wally docking information snapped Flash’s attention away from the forward girl sitting to his right and towards the Watchtower which they were quickly approaching.  As expediently as he could, Wally docked the Javelin, and then disembarked.  He didn’t stop for any pleasantries or passing remarks as he sped to his room.  Entering his code at lightening speed, he entered his room and shut the door behind him.  Pulling his cowl down, he leaned his forehead against the cool metal of the door and took and released several deep breaths.  This all was just too much, even for him.  What had gotten into the girls?

“Hey Stud, you look like you could use a release,” the coy voice called from his bed.  Wally’s eyes bugged at the tease, and she slowly turned around to face whoever was in his room.  There, standing next to his bed with his sheet wrapped around (what he assumed was) her naked body, was Kara.  Supergirl.

She began to walk to him, swaying her hips, a come-hither smile on her lips.  ‘Oh shit, oh shit, ohshitohshitohshit.  OH SHIT!’ Wally thought as she stopped right in front of him.  Supergirl.  Superman’s younger cousin.  Trying to seduce him.

“Um, wh-what are you doing here?” he finally managed to ask when his voice returned.  Her look asked him if it wasn’t obvious.  With a wink, she released the sheet, it pooling at her feet as she stepped over it and towards him.  Yep, she was definitely naked.  And now she had her arms around his neck, pushing her body against his.

He shouldn’t do this.  He definitely shouldn’t be reacting to this.  But her body was pressed against him and her lips were on his, exploring and hungry.  Suddenly she became even more aggressive, pushing him around and moving him until he fell unto his own messy bed.  Then she was on top of him, kissing him feverously and showing no signs of stopping.

‘This isn’t right,’ his mind chided, while his body explained in none-too-nice of terms that his mind should, well, mind it’s own business and his hands began to roam from their once stationary position on her hips.

“That’s right, Flash!  Make me into SUPERWOMAN!”  What had started out as a slow, sensuous moan had become an excited scream.  And it did the trick for waking Wally up.  This wasn’t right.  Kara wasn’t herself.  She didn’t know what she was doing or saying (or, at least, he hoped she didn’t.  Because who would say something like that, honestly?).  And, she was Superman’s cousin.  He was already running scared of Wonder Woman.  To have to stay away from Superman too?  And what if the other girls found out?  What would they do to Kara?  What would they do to HIM?

He tried to push her away, but found it futile.  She was clinging to him like superglue.  She barely let him move an inch unless it was in a way she found pleasing.  He was trapped, under her control.  What the hell was he to do?


The weirdness of the battle, particularly the women’s behavior, had been plaguing Superman since returning to the Watchtower.  Batman had set about to try and investigate what ever was affecting the women.  He had even mentioned something about including the Question in on the hunt. Whatever it was, Superman hoped that it was discovered soon.

The look in Lois’ eyes will forever be in his memory.  Oh sure, he’d seen that admiration before.  But it was always directed at him.  This time, she barely even said hello.  Her full attention was devoted to Wally.

Clark liked to think that he wasn’t a jealous person.  He was Superman, after all.  He was, or should be, beyond all that.  But Lois’ actions sent his blood boiling.  Wally was a generally good guy, but that didn’t mean he’d allow his love to moon over the speedster like he was the best thing since sliced bread.  He and Lois had just begun to further their relationship.  Hell, he’d revealed his secret identity to her!  That was a sign of something, right?  Commitment, a hunch about the future, something.  Not a stepping stone for her to turn her back on him and charm the Fastest Man Alive.

Clark found himself nearing the speedster’s room unconsciously, but figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a talk with the younger man.  After all, Wally had come to him earlier in the day rather spooked about the strange turn his life had taken.  Well, perhaps there really was some merit to his concerns.  And maybe if they really talked about it, they could get to the bottom of it all.

“That’s right, Flash!  Make me into SUPERWOMAN!”

As a general rule, Clark tried not to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.  Having super-hearing was a blessing and a curse, but he really tried to respect other people’s privacy.

Still, his ears were set to automatically clue into voices he recognized.  One of those being his young, impressionable cousin: Kara.  And hearing her say such a thing, noting the passion in her voice, he could only think one thing: Wally was a dead man.

With extreme haste, he flew the remaining ten feet to Wally’s door.  He didn’t know the code, but Bruce could afford to fix the speedster’s door.  Or whoever the room would go to after his death.

Bursting through, he stood shocked at the sight in front of him.  Kara, his cousin, naked and on top of an extremely frightened Wally.  A shriek was emitted from her lips as she reached behind her and pulled up a comforter from somewhere.

Clark’s eyes glowed red with anger as his sight shifted from his now covered and growing indignant cousin to the speedster between her legs.  Wally was looking directly into the Justice League leader’s eyes with a mixture of a plea for help and extreme fright.

“Help me…please!” he implored, trying to get Kara off him one last time and finding no success.

Kara, for her part, chose to ignore what Flash had just said and fixed and angry gaze on her cousin.  His once angry face now was contorted and quickly filling with confusion.

“Do you mind?  We were sorta in the middle of something here?”

“Um…but…you…”  Clark was speechless.  Which he liked to think was a rarity for one with such an extensive vocabulary.  But this was completely odd.  Wally wasn’t trying to make the moves on Kara…quite the opposite.  Wally was scared of Kara.  And Kara was the one making the moves.

“Oh great, you broke the door.  Well, I’m not gonna give the whole Watchtower a show.  One of those other bitches will never let me live it down.”  She leaned down and kissed Flash passionately on the lips.  “We’ll continue this later, lover.”  With a quick move, she was off him and tugging his comforter with her.  She brushed past Clark, shooting him a fierce glare before continuing through the body cut-out he had left in the metal door.

Clark was still in a state of shock, but was beginning to recover.  Noting that Wally was still dressed (though the poor guy, his outfit revealed the torment he was in), he breathed a sigh of…well, not exactly relief, but of something.  His gut feeling told him that there’d be no relief for a while yet.

“Dude, we’ve got to fix this.”  Wally stood, running his hand through his hair and shaking his head.  Clark found himself nodding, but wondering how.

As if reading his thoughts, a voice buzzed in his ear.

“Superman, Batman.  Get Flash and report to the conference room.  We need to have a talk.”

“Be there in a minute.” Clark replied.  Turning to Wally, he gave him a sympathetic smile.  “That was Batman; we’re wanted in the conference room.  I’ll, um, give you a minute to, uh, collect yourself.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Wally bristled, grabbing an extra suit from his dresser and heading to the bathroom to “collect himself”.  He didn’t know what Batman wanted, but he wasn’t sure it could be much worse than having Clark walk in on his cousin and him…and…telling him to go take care of himself.  No, there was no way this day could possibly get worse.


Thanks for reading!  Story Title comes from the Queen song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.  Chapter title is from the Mamma Mia! song “Lay All Your Love on Me”.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  :o)

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