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(So in an attempt to update my journal a bit, I realized I never posted the remaining chapters of what I had completed on this story.  This is the final chapter that I had completed; this story is unfinished and remains on hiatus as of 7/31/12.  However, I wanted to at least share everything that I had done so far.  Who knows, maybe one day I will complete it.  I do still love the story premise.)

Title:  Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter Four: Hopelessly Devoted to You
Author: Lar
Rating: R
Word Count: about 2200
Disclaimer: I own nothing.  Just borrowing these character for my own (albeit sick and twisted) enjoyment.  Please don’t sue.
Fandom: DCAU
Characters: Wally West, rest of the JLU
Summary: Wally learns first had the truth to the old adage “be careful what you wish for…”

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Chapter Four: It Had To Be You

It was an uncomfortable walk down to the conference room.  But how would one talk to a man who had just walked in on you and his cousin in a very compromising position?  Wally struggled to find an answer to that question as he and Clark headed towards the conference room.  He risked a glance at Clark, but the man who could bend steel like a garbage tie merely looked straight ahead.

In what seemed like eons to Wally, they finally reached the conference room.  Inside, seated at the round table, sat Batman.  His hands steepled underneath his chin, he stared straight at the two as they entered the room.  The whoosh of the door closing behind him caused Wally to jump.  Batman’s glare always unnerved him.

“Sit,” the Dark Knight commanded.  Wally rushed over to his seat, his posture stick straight as he sat down.  It felt eerily like the time he’d sat in front of Principal Philips for drilling a peephole into the girls’ locker room.  Only Batman and whatever was running through his head was comparatively greater in evilness than the mere three weeks of detention he’d received in eighth grade.

“It seems we have a problem,” Batman finally commented after what seemed like a year of silence to Wally.  Wally shifted his eyes from Gotham’s Guardian to Superman, who stood to Wally’s left.  Finding no support on the face of the Man of Steel, Wally looked back at Batman and gulped.

“Do you have an explanation?” Batman graveled.

“Um…no.  Idon’tknowwhat’sgoingon.AllthegirlsjuststartedtocomeontomeandIswearIdidn’tdoanythingtoprovokeit!”

Batman’s eyes narrowed at the speedster’s rapid response before turning to Clark for translation.  Clark heaved a sigh, shooting a brief glance of sympathy towards the younger, and growing increasingly distraught, hero.

“He doesn’t know what’s going on.  Wally, why don’t you tell Bruce what you told me this morning?”  Wally opened his mouth, but before he could speak Clark held up his hands to cut him off.  “Breathe.  Let’s try slowing things down a bit, while we’re at it.”

Wally nodded, and released a shallow breath.  “I have no idea what’s going on.  First it was Shayera coming onto me in the commissary, and then it was Black Canary kissing me in the hallway.  Fire was waiting outside my door this morning.  You saw what happened out in battle today.  And then there was…Supergirl…” he mumbled the last bit, his gaze falling to the table to avoid meeting Clark’s.  He was sure, despite Clark’s kind response, that Superman would be harboring some sort of anger for a while at the sight he had walked in on.  Even if it wasn’t Wally’s fault.

Bruce sat across the table, studying Wally’s behavior and posture.  The boy was radiating stress and confusion.  He genuinely had no idea what was causing the strange occurrences in his life.  It would almost be comedic, if it wasn’t affecting the League so adversely.  What had happened in the battle, and afterwards, was unacceptable.  And the murmurings he’d heard around the Watchtower indicated that it wasn’t only in battle that these strange behaviors were surfacing.

“We need to find the source of all this,” Bruce finally said, his voice even and flat.  Wally’s head snapped up to meet the neutral face of Batman, or at least as neutral looking as Batman could be.  “Whatever is going on is causing splinters in the League.  There’s already factions appearing, and they are quite upset with you.”

“But I didn’t do anything!  It’s the women!  They’re all crazy!” Wally protested.

“That’s irrelevant.  You said it started with Shayera?  When?  Where were you?” Batman questioned.

“Last night.  In the commissary.  We were getting a snack.  One minute she was all normal, the next she was mauling me like a tiger in heat.”  Clark shot him a disbelieving look at his use of analogy, but Wally merely glared back before turning to face Bruce again.  “I swear.  That’s how it happened!”

“I’ll check the video logs.  In the mean time, you should lay low.  And if you think of ANYTHING, you let me know right away,” Batman warned, narrowing his eyes to impart the seriousness of the situation on the youngster.

Wally nodded, stood, and ran from the room.  The sooner he got back to Central City, the better in his mind.  He could easily lie low there.  Without the meta-powered heroines surrounding him, waiting to pounce on him, he could breathe a bit easier.  Or so he thought.

Bruce and Clark exchanged concerned looks upon the departure of the Flash.  With heavy motions, Clark walked over to the conference table and sat in his designated chair.  Immediately his elbows rested on the table and his head found his hands.  He shook his head slowly, trying once again to block out the image that just wouldn’t leave him in peace.

“Supergirl?” Bruce asked, a note of amusement in his voice.

“Wonder Woman.” Clark simply stated, looking up from his hand and pointedly at Bruce.  A scowl appeared on the Dark Knight’s face at the mention of the Amazon Princess.

“Any ideas?” Clark asked, hopefully.

“No.  But if we don’t figure this out soon, and correct it, I fear for Wally’s safety.”

“You think the men would really harm him?” Clark seemed surprised by Bruce’s statement.

“Who said anything about the men?” Bruce responded, and Clark wearily nodded his head.


Wally had thought that an evening in Central City would grant him the reprieve he sought.  He was wrong.

It had started when he entered his apartment building.  His neighbors were all typically friendly to the outgoing police scientist, but that friendliness was bordering on something new this night.  His eighty-three year old neighbor, Mrs. Kofman, was waiting at her door when he arrived on his floor.  With agility surprising for her age, she sprung out in front of him, a fresh apple pie in her hands.

Wally, never one to turn down food, gratefully accepted the offered treat.  But he couldn’t help but notice the look of appraisal he’d gotten from the elderly woman.  It caused him to shiver and move a bit faster into his apartment.  Still, he shrugged off the occurrence as he set the pie on his counter and hit the play button on his answering machine.

He had never had fifty-six messages in the span of twenty-four hours.  He worriedly wondered if that was some sort of record.  But what was even more worrisome was who the messages were from.  Old girlfriends, girls he’d gone to high school and college with who wouldn’t give him the time of day then, and even co-workers were all calling him to ask for dates.  It seemed that it wasn’t just the Flash finding himself the object of female affection.

By the time he’d gone through all the messages, over an hour had passed.  His stomach grumbling reminded him that it’d been entirely too long since he’d last eaten.  Wearily he eyed the apple pie sitting on his counter, and decided against eating it.  He wanted to believe that Mrs. Kofman wouldn't have done something to it.  But events being what they had been, he wasn’t willing to take the chance.

As he was sitting in the small diner down the street, he tried not to notice the way the waitress continually eyed him.  Or how the young girl on a date with another boy kept smiling at him.  Instead, he focused on the plate of greasy cheeseburgers and fries that sat in front of him.

The sound of a commotion outside the dinner had him up on his feet and staring out the window.  There, down the street, he could make out a woman surrounded by flames.  She was making quite a scene, causing a great deal of damage and even holding a few people hostage.

Without a millisecond’s hesitation, Wally raced to the men’s room.  He changed into the suit stashed in his ring, and raced towards the disturbance.  Approaching the scene, he found Volcana lighting trashcans, of all things, aflame.  Within a circle of flames she had taken three hostages.

As soon as she saw him approach, she flashed him a large, seductive smile.  Her movements became lithe and graceful as she walked towards him.  Wally stood, ready for battle if necessary.

“Flash, I was hoping you’d come,” she drawled, coming to a stop in front of him.  With deliberation, she crossed her arms over her chest, pushing her breasts up and together and creating a great deal of cleavage.

“Um, what are you doing?”

“I’m a villain.  I do what I do,” she answered with a grin, winking at him to top it all off.

“What will it take to get you to stop?” he ventured, eyeing her carefully.  She looked up and bit her lip, as if in thought.

“I don’t know, Flashy.  What will you offer me?”

“Um…I, uh...I…”

“How ‘bout a kiss?”  And before he could respond, she reached out and grasped him, pulling him close to her.  Her lips landed on his, and she was quickly turning the kiss into something quite steamy.  He pulled away, and a look of triumph flitted across her face.

Without a word, she winked again at him and walked towards the row of police officers standing off to the side.

“Wait!” Flash called, confused yet again.  “That’s it?  That’s all I had to do?”

“Are you kidding?  I’m going to be the Queen of the villainesses.  They’ll all be jealous of me because I kissed the Flash!”

Flash stood dumbfounded as the cops cuffed the villain and put her into a squad car.  When Flash was finally able to recover from the shock, he realized the hostages were still trapped in the ring of fire.  Never one to neglect his duty, he put the fire out and released the hostages.

“I could make a joke about a ‘Burning ring of Fire’ and Johnny Cash right now, son, but I fear that if I did you would only look more baffled than you do right now,” an elderly man joked as he stepped free from what had been captivating him.  Flash shot him a quick thankful, albeit not amused, look.

“Well Flash, I think we found a new talent of yours for fighting crime,” Officer Henderson remarked as he approached the hero.  Flash shot him a withering look, and was about to make a remark, but froze when he saw the growing mob of women marching towards him.  In their hands were signs, posters, and dolls made in his likeness.

Like a deer caught in the headlights, Flash found his brain telling him to run, but his legs unwilling to listen.  It wasn’t until the crowd was less than five feet in front of him that he was able to make a hasty getaway.  He ran at almost top speed until he reached the safety of his apartment.

Upon entering, he bolt locked the door behind him and flopped down on his couch.  Pulling the mask off, his rubbed his hands over his face.  The silence was rewarding, and he was so pleased to have the few minutes of calmness in what had been otherwise a hectic and bewildering day.

But that reverie didn’t last as the phone began to ring.  After four rings the machine clicked on, and his cheerful message could be heard.

“Hi Wally, this is Diana.  I was hoping we could still grab that dinner.  Let me know.  I’ll have my communicator on, even though you don’t have yours on.  Naughty, naughty!  I just might have to punish you.  You know, I’ve always wondered what all the uses of the Lasso—” BEEP.


Thanks for reading!  Story Title comes from the Queen song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.  Chapter title is from the Harry Connick Jr. song “It Had To Be You”.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated!  :o)


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