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(Updated 6/8/10): It told me I hadn't filled this out yet and that I should...oookkaaay.

What to say? I'm a single gal, livin' on my own and trying to make my way in this world. A sporadic writer, I enjoy reading good fanfics of a variety of genres (slash, het, angst, smut, gen, epic, short story, drabbles, etc.) and occasionally I'll get the bug/nerve/plot bunny/TIME to write something of my own.

I've transferred from fandom to fandom over the years, originally starting in soap opera fandom, then moving into Lois and Clark: TNAOS fandom, BTAS fandom, and ultimately ended up in DC fandom in the last 4 years. I enjoy all aspects of fandom, but normally participate as an observer or lurker. Occasionally I'll get active, but that generally has to do with fic stuff.

I work a 9-5 job, and when I'm not doing that I'm with friends, reading, or working on applying to grad school (again). My goal is to ultimately be a history professor. I will get there someday.

In the meantime, I enjoy my life. I enjoy learning new characters and developing a love for them. I enjoy meeting new people through this medium and finding new, wonderful writers!

Feel free to friend me! If I've friended you recently, it's because I like your work and probably had you saved in one of my bookmark folders, but I had to wipe my computer clean before it went to the shop to be worked on. Perhaps I'll actually use LJ's "friends page" feature.

If you have questions, ask! Like I said, I enjoy getting to know new people. And I welcome any input on the characters I've dabbled with in the past. I'm still broadening my understanding of these very complex and history-filled characters.

Okay...not sure what else to write now. Um, ciao?

(Update as of 7/12/11)

Not a whole lot to add: still working, still trying to get into grad school (again), still involved in fandom, though a bit more actively now. I've gotten into giving comments and feedback on fic (or meta or other postings), which I LOVE. I hope to continue that. I've also found a new fandom: Torchwood (and Doctor Who) by extension. Not as active yet in that fandom, but we'll see where things go...I'm planning to actively straddle two fandoms, since I love them both (DCU and TW). So if you start seeing me pop up in your Torcwhood stuff, you'll understand why! :D